To request a sample:



Please send us as more technical information as possible. If you want to see our quality by checking our samples please send usa sample request e-mail with following informations.


  • Flat measurements
  • Streched measurements
  • Machine type
  • Needle size and quantity
  • Material quality and features
  • Yarn thicknesses
  • Knitting / yarn-type per zone
  • Elongation measurements
  • Yarn quality
  • Yarn percents
  • Designs
  • Cuff details
  • Colors
  • Toe linking type
  • Washing
  • Finishing
  • Label
  • Packaging
  • Order quantity

These information may not be enoug to produce a sample for you. Manuacturers can request a hard copy of socks for sample production. If you do not have any opinion about technical properties of your socks, you should send us a hard copy of sample. Otherwise, neither manufacturer nor we can give you price information.


In order to send a sample to us please visit our contact page for address information.