Tuana Trade Agency has a special quality control and order follow up system.


We will increase the quality of our partners by our quality control system without any extra cost to them. Because we force manufacturer to use high quality necessaries.


You will not think more about the supplying of products and you will focus on marketing.


Tuana Trade Agency follows the market very closely and defend your rights.

  • We always inform our partners about their orders and we send weekly reports about production processes


Every step of production is carefully controlled and we always need our customer's confirmation for all production steps..
Actually, we check whether manufacturer produce according to our customer's standarts or not. You may not get what you want to get if you do not cooperate with us.
Quality control requires more experience and speciality. We have more than 10 years experience about quality control of your socks order. We will defend your rights and manufacturers will never make a mistake or send you a problematic socks or goods.

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